-ABRAHEL: Implacabilis Procella Cupiditatis (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-AGRATH: Thy Kingdom Come (CDr Promo: Independiente)
-AION: Verses of Perdition (CD Jewelcase: Goathorned Productions)
-AIWAISS: Pai Chura de la Quilla (In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi
Excelsi) (CD Jewelcase: Chivo Negro Productions / Tanatofobia Producciones)
-ASBEL: Elegist: Hymns for Lost Souls (CD Jewelcase: Blasphemous Attack Productions)
-ATANAB: Black Magic (CD Jewelcase: Mighty Hordes Productions)
-ATANAB: 666 (CD Jewelcase: Pazuzu Records)
-BEASTCRAFT: Sacrilegious Epitaph of the Deathspawned Legacy (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-BELKANT: Inframetal (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-BESATT: Diabolical Altar (CD Jewelcase: Sphera Noctis Records / Azermedoth Records / Omeyocan Productions)
-BESTIALIZED: Annihilating the Judeo-Christian Generations (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-BLACK ANGEL: The Black Truth (Tape Tape: Chivo Negro Productions)
-BLESTEMA: Los Elogios Noctambulares (CD Jewelcase: Tribulación Productions / Hyncha Nutabe Records)
-BLOODTIDE: Cruor Proficiscor (CD Jewelcase: Metal Messiah Records)
-CABRA NEGRA: I.N.T.I (CD Jewelcase: Black Serpent Records / Chivo Negro Productions / Blasphemous Attack Productions)
-CARNYX / MEPHISOPHILUS: In Every Sky Rises a Demon (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions)
-CEREMONIA ANCESTRAL / BROKEN SOULS / SORCERER / AHRIMAN: Profanador de Tumbas (Tape : Morbid Rites Productions)
-CROCELL: Fuego Negro (CD Slipcase: Independiente)
-DARK WISDOM / LUCIFERIAN: Destroyers of Christian Faith (CD Jewelcase: Tanatofobia Productions)
-DARKNESS ALMIGHTY: Shadows Dominion (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Rebellious Records)
-DARKTHRONE (TRIBUTO): A Blaze in the Northern of Transilvania (2 CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-DEATHMOOR: Actus Sacophagia Mortem (CD Jewelcase: Tribulación Productions)
-DISSECTION (TRIBUTO): A Tribute (2 CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records / Metal Realms Productions)
-ERESHKIGAL: Black Metal Storm (CD Digipak: Azermedoth Records)
-ESBBAT: El Retorno del Imperio Satanico (CD Slipcase: Myghty Hordes Productions)
-ESBBAT: Desde el Umbral (CD Jewelcase: Viuda Negra Music / Black Serpent Records)
-ESHTADUR: Oblivion (CD Digipak: Independiente)
-EVIL NERFAL: Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​. (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Misanthropy Elite Productions)
-FIRE OF DEATH: Atouch Evil (CD Jewelcase: Black Thrash Until Die Legions)
-FOREST OF DOOM: Emperors (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-GOAT SEMEN: En Vivo en Lima Hell (CD Jewelcase: Austral Holocaust Productions)
-GOATTHROAT: Rites of Blasphemy (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Symbol of Domination )
-GORHOTH: Honorvm (CD Jewelcase: Australis Records)
-GUERRA TOTAL: מלחמה כוללת (CD Jewelcase: American Line Productions)
-GUERRA TOTAL / METALUCIFER: Guerra Total & Metalucifer (CD Jewelcase: Forgotten Wisdom Productions)
-HELLBRAKER: The Venom Demo's (Tape : Morbid Rites Productions)
-HORDAGAARD: Kveldskved (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD: Goddefaen (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD: Made In Norway (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD: Choose Your Path (CD Digipak: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD: From Above (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD: Visions From The Other Side (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HORDAGAARD / ARVAS: Hordagaard / Arvas (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-HURAKAN: Pixáno'ob (Tape : Chivo Negro Productions)
-HYMEN DARKNESS: Unholy Total Hate… Fuck you All (CD Jewelcase: Ablaze Productions)
-INFERNAL: A Tragedy Called Existence (CD Jewelcase: Sylphorium Records)
-INFERNAL / ERESHKIGAL / INFERNAL KINGDOM: Trilogy For Domination (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-INFERNAL SOULS: La Llama del Infierno (CDr Jewelcase: Satanic Blood Productions)
-INFERNAL THRONE: Para la Eternal Gloria de Satan (CD Digipak: Independiente)
-INQUISITION: Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (CD Slipcase: Blasphemous Attack Productions / Extreme)
-INQUISITION: Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (CD Jewelcase: Blasphemous Attack Productions / Extreme)
-JEZABEL / MELEJ: The Avernal Journey - Amenti (CD Jewelcase: Black Serpent Records)
-KULD: Beyond the Black Spell (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions)
-LAST TYRANT: The End of the Holy Legacy  (CD Jewelcase: Bloodstained Records)
-LUCERA / SABBAT: Japanguanos Chocha's Attack (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Rebellious Records)
-LUCIFERIAN: The Path of the Burning Serpent (CD Jewelcase: Satan's Retaliation Productions)
-MANIAC BUTCHER: Invaze (CD Slipcase: Azermedoth Records)
-MANIAC BUTCHER: Lucan-Antikrist (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-MANTAK: Polymorphous Perversion (CD Jewelcase: Old Cemetery Records)
-MISANTHROPE: Noctivaga Tempestad de Inerme Conocimiento (CD Jewelcase: Irmandade Hermetica do Odio)
-MISANTHROPE: Noctivaga Tempestad de Inerme Conocimiento (CD Jewelcase: Grimorivm Records)
-MYSTERIIS / FUTHARK: Tale from the Ancient Forest …The Raw Sessions (CD Jewelcase: Chivo Negro Productions)
-MYSTICISM: Retalation 666 (CDr Jewelcase: Hydra Records)
-NAER MATARON: Skotos Aenaon (CD Jewelcase: Azermedoth Records)
-NECRO CRUZ: La Antorcha de Lucifer (CD Jewelcase: Chivo Negro Productions)
-NEFILIM: Knowing the Beast (CDr Jewelcase: Independiente)
-NEKROBUTCHER: Oscuro Conocimiento (CD Jewelcase: Dark Rebellion Production / Hades Records)
-NOCHE ETERNA: Lucifer, Corpus Edimus (CD Jewelcase: Chivo Negro Productions)
-NOCTURNAL ATMOSPHERE: Suffocated in Tears (CD Slipcase: Independiente)
-NOCTURNAL FEELINGS: Consecration of Evil Forces  (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions)
-NOCTURNAL FEELINGS: Radical Art (CD Digipak: Hateworks)
-NOCTURNAL FEELINGS: Tropa de Destrucción (CD Jewelcase: Ah Puch Records)
-NOCTURNAL FEELINGS / STORM OF DARKNESS / SUPREMACÍA SATÁNICA: Supreme Nocturnal Darkness (CD Jewelcase: Pagan Infantry Records / Blasphemous Attack Productions / Bloodstained Records)
-NOX: Manifestaciones de la Eterna Noche (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Rebellious Records)
-OGUN: Misticas Ceremonias en el Bosque Ancestral (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Rebellious Records)
-OGUN: Espiritus Avasalladores de Tribulación (CD Jewelcase: Goat Curse Diaboli Productions / Ancestral Warriors Productions)
-OLD BLACK MAJESTIC: Steel & Blood (CDr Jewelcase: Independiente)
-OMACATL: Nuestra Tierra (Tape : Chivo Negro Productions)
-OPHICVS: Azrever ne Alemamam (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Goat Curse Diaboli Productions)
-ORGULLO NATIVO: Entre el Campo de Batalla (Tape Slipcase + Postcards: Independiente)
-PENUMBRA: Invoking the Ancient Horde of War and Darkness (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-REBELIÓN SATÁNICA: Caos (CD Jewelcase: Infinito Envenenado)
-REENCARNACION (TRIBUTO): 30 Años de Ultrametal (CD Jewelcase: Demuniom Productions)

-SHADOW CULT: Oppositions (CD Digipak: Independiente)
-SOLEMNE MORTIS: Solemne Mortis (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / Rebellions Records)
-SORCIERS: For an Age Ungod (CD Jewelcase: Lunatic Records)
-SOULBURNER: The Throne of Armageddon (CD Digipak: Independiente)
-STORM OF DARKNESS: A Journey Through the Storm (CD Jewelcase: Blasphemous Attack Productions / Chivo Negro Productions / Tribulacion Productions)
-STORM OF DARKNESS: Before Life, After Death (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-STORM OF DARKNESS: The Legion of Xue (CD Digipak: Blasphemous Attack Productions)
-TORMENT OF ABYSS: Cernunnos: Origin of Evil Ancient God of the Horns  (CD Jewelcase: Black Abyss Productions)
-TROOPS OF HELL: Spilling Evil (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-UNLASTIATH: Dreaming into the Infernal Possession (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions)
-VAJRAH: Paganus Doctrina (CD Jewelcase: Manitú Records)
-WAR LEGION: Gran Satanas (CD Jewelcase: Independiente)
-WHIPSTRIKER / OPHICVS: Satanic Metal Army (CD Jewelcase: Tribulacion Productions / HOTA Rex)

-ABBATH: Abbath (CD Digipak: Season of Mist)
-ARCHGOAT: Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) (CD : Debemur Morti Productions)
-ARCKANUM: Fenris Kindir (CD Jewelcase: Season of Mist)
-DARKTHRONE: Sardonic Wrath (CD Jewelcase: Moonfog Productions)
-DEATHSPELL OMEGA: Drought (CD : Season of Mist)
-DRUDKH: Songs of Grief and Solitude (CD Jewelcase: Season of Mist (Underground Activists))
-ESBBAT: Falsos Ídolos (CD Slipcase: Blasphemous Attack Productions / Chivo Negro Productions)
-ESBBAT / DERELENISMO OCCULERE / THY ENDLESS WRATH / NOCHE ETERNA / BEELZEBUL: Compendivm Daemonicvm I (CD Inverted Cross Digipak: Tribulacion Productions / Chivo Negro Productions / "Le Legione" Leciferian Metal Horde )
-HORNA: Sotahuuto (CD Jewelcase: Moribund Records)
-IMPALED NAZARENE: 66.6 S Of Foreplay / 1999: Karmageddon Warriors 1990-2012 (2 DVD Jewelcase: Osmose Productions)
-NAER MATARON: Praetorians (CD Jewelcase: Season of Mist)
-PENTAGRAM: Sub-Basement (CD Jewelcase: Season of Mist)
-PEST: Rest in Morbid Darkness (CD Jewelcase: Season of Mist (Underground Activists))
-SAMAEL: Lux Mundi (2 CD Digipak: Season of Mist)
-THORNSPAWN: Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel (CD Inverted Cross Digipak: Hell Attacks Productions)
-THY ANTICHRIST: Wicked Testimonies (CD A5 Slipcase Digipak: Blasphemous Attack Productions / Chivo Negro Productions)

-ABBATH: Abbath (Vinyl Gatefold 12": Season of Mist)
-CARACH ANGREN: Lammendam (2 Vinyl Gatefold 12" : Season of Mist)
-DESTRÖYER 666: Wildfire (CD Digibox (Digipak + Patch): Season of Mist)
-DESTRÖYER 666: Cold Steel For An Iron Age (Vinyl Gatefold 12": Season of Mist)
-DESTRÖYER 666: Defiance (Vinyl Gatefold 12": Season of Mist)
-DESTRÖYER 666: Phoenix Rising (Vinyl Gatefold 12": Season of Mist)
-HATE ETERNAL: Infernus (CD Digibox (Digipak + Flag + Patch): Season of Mist)

-INQUISITION: Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (2 Vinyls Gatefold 12": Season of Mist)

-INQUISITION: Nefarious Dismal Orations (2 Vinyls Gatefold Grey 12": Season of Mist)
-TSJUDER: Kill For Satan (Vinyl 12" Red: Season of Mist)




Preventa: Primeras 100: $105.000
101-200: $115.000 / 201-300: $125.000 / Taquilla: $135.000
Bogotá, DC.



Preventa: Primeras 100: $105.000 / 101-200: $115.000 / 201-300: $125.000 / Taquilla: $135.000

Bogotá, DC.


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